All grass roots football suspended and season 2019/20 concluded

As a consequence of the current pandemic, the club is sorry to announce that the Southern Amateur League (SAL) have declared that season 2019-20 is null and void.

The steps leading up to this decision were as follows:

  • Following new Government regulations concerning the coronavirus situation, the FA (our national football governing body) announced on 26th March that all leagues below National League level would end with immediate effect. This decision was ratified by the FA on 9th April, despite numerous protests from clubs in lower leagues.
  • The SAL had no choice but to follow the FA directive and took a vote from all 38 clubs as to how the leagues should finish. Either i) completely null and void or ii) to award league position on the basis of points per game (PPG) earned thus far.
  • The result of that vote was i) 18 votes ii) 17 votes, with one club abstaining, and two didn't vote at all. Thus the season is null and void.

The decision with regard to outstanding SAL and AFA cup matches has still to be made.